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Jeremiah 10:7Who would not fear thee, O King of nations? for to thee doth it appertain: forasmuch as among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto thee.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Maybe because it is late. My guilty consience and fears of being found out are wearing me down. I feel like it is time for a confession. I will write about it here, but, I haven't decided yet if I will post it to my FB account. Here goes:

I continually get posts about  games I am playing on my wall, Empires, cityville, games like those. They are directed at me...but, I feel so dishonest when they appear. Because,  here is the confession: I am NOT the one playing the games! My grandson plays them in my name. Whew! I feel a little better.

Sometimes, I wonder if people see  posts on my wall and think, why does she play those games?? Well, the reason my grandson plays them,  and maintains them in my name is because evidently, he receives stuff that "I" give to him and it helps him out in his own game.

I constantly see posts from people complaining about activity or lack thereof from others. They give things to someone and some people never give things to them in return. There are literal threats as statuses saying they are not going to give stuff to "certain people" anymore. They are also in danger of being blacklisted if they don't start coughing up some comeback atcha.

 I read those statuses and I panic, wondering if I (my grandson) am possibly being considered as one of those greedy/stingy people! Is my ghost game player doing his part? If not, please, people, forgive me! I am not like that! I am actually rather giving. At times, maybe I have been a little too giving. (I didn't learn the word "No" til I was in my early 40's).

I am on your side! I think if someone goes out of their way for you, you should say, "thank you". Show appreciation. Go out of your way for them, sometime. If someone gives you something for your farm, city, whatever those games are...drop by their game and leave them some goodies!

Do I sound like  Robert Fulgham in All I Ever Really Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten? This stuff should be understood by now for these virtual games. Apparently, guaging from how many statuses there are complaining about this problem,  a lot of people missed kindergarten the day they taught Politeness 101.

Are there people who act  this way in the real world? Surely not! Don't all people give and take?

I used to hear it quoted, "Give a man a million dollars every day and he will love you. Skip one day and he will hate you." I thought that was the most absurd thing anyone could ever come up with. Why would someone all of a sudden feel that way then you had done so much previously? That does not even make sense.

I've never proved whether the adage was true. I've never given anyone a million dollars a day and then stopped one day. I have experienced sicknesses that left me limited in the things I was able to physically do for others. I hope no one hated me. At least if I'm not giving as much, I'm not asking for as much either.

My present day self does not have as much time as the younger me did. Kind of unbelievable since I thought my time was so limited when I had 5 children! Now, I have 5 children, their mates, and 10 grandchildren. I am very involved in their lives. That won't change. But, the time I have available for others might, somewhat.

I hope I don't lose any friendships.

I am thinking that maybe I should go into "my" game accounts to check if my grandson  gives as well as he receives. I hope I find that he gave out a milion every day. Then, if anything beyond his power happens and he has to cut back on his playing and giving, I hope he isn't booted off anyone's list for that.

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  1. It is ture that it seems that we are on the go more now then when we were younger and had 5 kids to take with us. We give of our time and resource not in hopes of gitting somthing in return, but because we care. I don't give and then keep a log of all that I gave so I can keep track, but it is nice when the things you do for others gets acknowledged every now and then. It is funny how when someone says "thank you" we will say "no Problem" even if it was a problem, but let them not even acknowledge that you did anything and we feel like they don't care.

    I am going to make it a point to try to always say thanks for even the small things.