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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you have muscle pain?

I have a friend who literally suffered life changing and debilitating symptoms from an ailment called Fibromyalgia. Once a career woman at an architectural firm, she is now on disability. Until I met that friend, I never heard of it. I asked my chiropractor if he knew anything about fibromyalgia. He answered, "Fibromyalgia is something you never want to have."

So, about a year and a half ago, when I heard my own neurologist say that word after he conducted a test on me, I decided I'd  REFUSE to admit or accept his diagnosis of possible fibromyalgia. This became harder to deny as the pain grew more and more intense, and occurred more often.

Recently I visited a friend's house. She shared her testimony of  a wonderful product called TANZOTIC, and how much it helped her eczema problem. I listened, intrigued by the fact that a specialist sent my friend to a tanning salon to buy a product for a known medical skin condition. I didn't have eczema, but, I knew others who did. I made myself a mental note to remember the product name so I could pass on the information. She went on to tell me when she went to the tanning salon to get the product, they were out. So she went online to find it and ended up buying other products for other symptoms she had.

She pulled out a box of different lotions and sprays, telling me what each were good for. When she mentioned that the product TRUE RELIEF Penetrating Moisturizing 100% Pure EMU OIL was good for muscle pain, I perked right up and listened intently! I assured her I could give her a verdict for whether it actually worked or not,  if she would let me try it. In fact, I was in extreme pain at that very moment. She agreed to let me test it.

We looked on the bottle for the prescribed amount which was one to three drops, two to three times daily. She said, "Let me give you three drops." I said, "No, let's see how one drop does, first. Then, we can add more if necessary." She squirted one tiny drop of the oil into the palm of my hand and I rubbed it on the muscle which actually felt more like a bar on the side of my neck.

We continued our conversation and then it was time for dinner. Later, we were clearing the dishes away when it occurred to me that I WAS NO LONGER IN PAIN! I couldn't believe it! I touched my neck and it was soft and painless. I told my friend to get me that link so I could order it immediately!

I now use the product at the first sign of pain and the pain diminishes instantly! Thank you, Cathy and TRUE RELIEF Penetrating Moisturizing 100% Pure EMU OIL! I finally feel like a normal person again!

The website promises that this product will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin quality and tone, reduce pain and inflammation, reduce scarring and stretch marks, improve acne and imperfections, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Sounds like a miracle product, doesn't it? Or, possibly a scam?

Well, let me tell you that it is for real! I hadn't read any of the above promises when I tried it at a friend's house for the first time. I hadn't seen the website. I hadn't received complimentary samples in an order. I hadn't even ordered it, yet! I simply heard about it from a friend, and I can assure you, from someone who experiences a lot of pain, it is better felt than telt to go from being in pain to being PAIN FREE!

I ordered my 2 and 4 ounce bottles right away. Carlos was so helpful with some questions I had about the product. Then, there was a problem with shipping which turned out to be my error. I emailed Carlos and he got me a tracking number. The problem was solved when I discovered that my previous address was on my Pay Pal account. Carlos assured me if I wanted to give my Visa number over the phone next time, that would be fine. Great customer service!

When I got my package from the Post Office, I discovered a sample in it for, Revolutionary Skin Face & Body Moisturizer.

I'd recently been sunburnt and that last scaly looking peeling skin was still visible on my legs and arms. It was very annoying. I thought, well let me try it for that. I love conducting these "medical test studies". I seem to have enough ailments to be the one to test these products out!

Revolutionary Skin Face & Body Moisturizer is a face and body moisturizer like none other! After applying a very small amount, I feel like I have NEW skin! My husband came home and I began to excitedly tell him about getting my products in the mail and the sample included. I let him feel the skin on my leg. I showed him my arm where, before, there had been scaly, peeling skin. Now, it was smooth and clear! Then, I grabbed his hand which I knew was pretty rough and applied a dab of lotion on the palm of his hand. He rubbed his hands together. Then, he said, "Wow!" If you know my husband, that is saying A LOT. (Of course, I took it to mean that I could order some immediately.)


I immediately called Carlos to tell him that the product worked on my skin that was peeling from sunburn. He informed me that if I had put it on the burn, it wouldn't even have peeled! I believe him!

scaly shin BEFORE Revolutionary Skin
Shin, 1 minute AFTER Revolutionary Skin

Now, it is embarrassing to tell you this, but, yesterday, I had a really big, red sore from a pimple on my chin. After the lotion worked so well on the peeling and after reading what the website said about acne, I decided to test the TRUE RELIEF Penetrating  Moisturizing 100% EMU OIL some more. I applied it to the sore. The next day, less than 24 hours later, the swelling and redness is gone! It actually scabbed over and peeled off. There is a pink spot there which is on its way to disappearing. I AM POSITIVE that blemish would have taken several days to heal without this product! I am really truly impressed!

I have no qualms in telling you that you should GET SOME! You will see that it works! It is crazy, I know. But, it is proven by me, at least.

Now, I have some other medical tests to conduct with this product. I will keep you posted to let you know the results of my testing.

  • My friend's young daughter who gets an allergic rash which causes her anxiety, frustration and worst of all, pain. Carlos gave me a tiny sample of TRUE RELIEF Penetrating  Moisturizing 100% EMU OIL so I am taking it to her.

  • My grandson constantly has a red dry area above his lip. We all look at it and cringe. I am not sure if it is from licking his lips, or what. But, it looks painful! So, I told my husband that I am going to try this product on him.

Let me know if you try this product and how it worked for you.

OTHER THAN THE SAMPLES, I am NOT being paid to write this review for this sample. The free samples in no way influenced any of what I've written. I just want to share with others so if they suffer like I did, they can have some TRUE RELIEF Penetrating  Moisturizing 100% EMU OIL!!

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  1. I havent conducted the test for my friend's daughter. She went to Florida before I could get her a sample.

    I did drop off a sample of oil with my MIL a few days ago.

    I gave a sample to an acquaintance who is an order picker for Hallmark.

    My husband had back pain and he used it. He found relief.

    In a huge bumble, I squirted super glue on fingers of both hands. I tried warm soapy water, fingernail polish remover, and vinegar to no avail. My skin was so dry it was suffocating! I remembered emu oil is good for exzema...i used a small squirt. The superglue turned WHITE and i was able to peel it away! AMAZING!

  2. Just heard from my friend. she is utterly amazed by this product! iT WORKED! she said she has prayed since her daughter was a baby for her skin problem. Thank you, Jesus, for showing this solution to a very frustrating problem.!

  3. I didn't know you developed FMS. How often do you have to use this stuff and how expensive it?