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Jeremiah 10:7Who would not fear thee, O King of nations? for to thee doth it appertain: forasmuch as among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto thee.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Why you are here...

Truthfully, you are here on this earth to praise Him. Let every thing that hath breath, praise ye the Lord. READ PSALM 150 ;)

Why are you at my blog?

Probably because I invited you and you love me, so you humored me. Or, maybe you stumbled in. However you arrived, Know that I like you and I'm glad you're here. What is it all about?

Mostly digital scrapbooking.I find that whatever I set my hand to do I usually do it with all my might. My problem is is that I set my hand on so many thiings!

Anyways, one of the two MANY things I am currently learning is how to set up a blog...

Go to That is easy!

Pick a name.

Not as easy...

every cute name I thought of...taken! Read earlier posts and you may see why I called it crumbdig.

WHILE digging today, I got sidetracked by a site called

(I posted one of the FREE lessons to my facebook wall).

I learned how to make a reusable photo frame but when I uploaded it, it isn't in it's layer form when I try to open it..I thought by making it a png file it would allow someone to download for their own use. If you know why this didn't work or how i can make it work, let me know in the comment section. Thanks.

I learned how to make patterns. I learned a lot. I will post a few pieces of 12x12 paper. I get impatient (to say the least). But here goes... I can only load 5, so for now, 5 it is the frame that won't open in layers as I hoped.

I learned how to make this one on It doesn't look like much I know.

But, when I open mine in PSE (PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS) it opens in layers and I can insert a photo right into this...

Here is some paper...I just made patterns by making a selection(something that will look interesting repeated/edit/define pattern/make a new layer/paintbucket tool/pattern (pick my recently made pattern from the menu/ and use the paint bucket to fill in the layer.


Oh HOW could I forget?? I learned how to make a gingham looking design...Filter/Distort/Wave option...just play with it and you will see...or go to for the Party lesson.

Or to my facebook because I shared that lesson on my page also...


go to for the video lesson..yep I will be learning how to do my own videos to instruct as I am being

I hope you will come back and bring someone who loves scrapping with you! It is going to get real busy! Real fast!

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